About Us

About Us

John North – Australian Recycled Organics Pioneer

Undertaking his duty a National Serviceman as an Army Engineer in the 1960’s John found his calling in operating equipment and earthworks. Post service, John continued to work with machines and managed to build up a small earthmoving business.

In the late 1980’s John saw an opportunity and went to America to work with a revolutionary wood grinding process. During this time John saw compost production, how it was utilised and how it could be adapted in Australia. Seizing the opportunity to bring the technology into Australia, John bought the Australian rights and started a wood mulching and grinding company.

From only one grinder which also acted as a demonstration unit, John started Wood Mulching Industries. Adapting the lessons learnt in America, WMI continued to grow and John became a pioneer in Australia’s recycled organic industry. In 1993, John relocated his operations onto the sleepy backblocks of Ipswich and established the present WMI site.

Today WMI employs over 20 staff, processes over 200,000 tons of materials and is a leader in Australian Recycled Organic Processing. Apart from recycled organics, WMI also produces washed sand and aggregates.

Handing the daily operations of his business over to his three sons Tyler, Chaye and Dustyn; John takes on a more strategic approach within the business. In true pioneer spirit, John maintains his vision on how WMI can continue to evolve transforming “waste” into beneficial, safe and fit for purpose products.

Our Goal

Causing no environmental harm, WMI transforms resources traditionally seen as “waste” or low value, by utilising best practice to recover safe, consistently high quality products that meet our customers’ needs.

Our Vision

Through our activities WMI will create a sustainable business that is environmentally beneficial creating products and services of choice and is a responsible member of our community.

Our Mission

Wood Mulching Industries is family company comprised of a team who are passionate about a job well done. We understand our products will be used by other peoples families and provide the same level of care as we would do for our own. We respect the environment and through our activities we seek to promote better use of resources whilst not creating any harm.

We understand that for our business to be sustainable we must consistently produce products that people want efficiently as possible. As a family company we respect the abilities and differences of our colleagues and know that by working together as a team we can achieve any goal. We operate within all laws to work in partnership with all regulators to achieve the maximum environmental benefit. We see “waste” as a resource to be recovered into safe products that are beneficial to the community.

We are outcomes based, utilising our broad range of expertise, take professional advice to develop solutions that are suitable for all parties.

We welcome change, have the maturity to create and maintain change in ourselves ensuring that we continually improve. Wood Mulching Industries are leaders in resource management through recycling and bio conversion.

Our clients understand that value involves the quality of products, levels of service, strength in partnerships and security in trust that is worth more than the lowest price.
Wood Mulching Industries works in partnership with our customers to provide products and services that on which they can rely on. Our expertise is resource recovery and processing, our products are true to label, perform as promised and are processed to the highest standards possible.

We at Wood Mulching Industries understand the big picture of business and the business that WMI is in is not just recycling, we are in the business of providing solutions to customers that enables them to sustain their business. We operate ethically, responsibly and don’t cut corners; our quality is your security. We work in co-opetition with those who believe they are in competition with us, and working only with products and services that add value to the world.

We believe in what we do and still retain our passion after twenty years of processing.

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