WMI: Leader in Organics Recycling & Bio-conversion

Established in 1993, Wood Mulching Industries (WMI) is owned by the North family with operations based in Swanbank, Queensland, Australia. Our 70 hectares facility is managed to the strictest environment controls and is equipped with state of the art technology for processing and manufacturing.

WMI Products

WMI supplies a wide range of high quality landscaping, horticultural and civil works products including composts, soil conditioners, mulches, garden & lawn blends, erosion control products and stormwater treatment media. Our products also conform to the appropriate Australian Standards including AS 4419 and AS 4454. Click Here to see our equipment.

WMI Services

WMI owns and operates extensive plant and equipment for processing recycled organics and offers a contract shredding and removal service for your site. WMI staff are professionally trained in all aspects of the process to ensure you receive a hassle free, quality service.

Future plans

WMI have lodged a development application with Ipswich City Council to redevelop part of our site into Queensland’s first enclosed biogas and composting facility. Using state-of-the art, best practice technology, the proposed facility will process organic waste in a way which significantly reduces odour, improves air quality, and generates renewable energy. This is better for the environment, our community and local liveability. Read more about the project here.

If you have any questions of the project team or would like to discuss the key aspects of the proposal in greater detail, please email us at qldengagement@ethosurban.com.

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